James Liu


613-731-3815 ext.7001


The founder of  FES Group. Over 10 years’ experience in financial service industry, James specializes in investment, finance, insurance, corporate management and extensive network in Canadian as well as Chinese market. James focuses on investors relationship and risks control and analysis.

Michael Awosika-Akinniyi


613-731-3815 ext.7050


Over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. Michael has extensive experience delivering many residential constructions, warehouses and infrastructure projects in several provinces, enabling him to manage the development and growth of a new business.

John Kinney

Site Foreman


Over 30 years of experience in construction industry, John specializes in on-site construction management of mid-rise buildings, commercial and warehousing, including landscaping, and amenities. Solid knowledge of building requirement ensures that construction procedures comply with all standard requirement.

Daniel Nelson

Executive Assistant CEO

613-731-3815 ext.7028


Over 9 years of experience in client services, managing different portfolios. He has also spent over 6 years overseeing daily aspect for construction, reviewing contracts, filling reports, following up on deadlines and executing any day to day activities of the company.


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